Peter Jones – Tycoon

Peter Jones - Tycoon

Peter David Jones CBE is a British entrepreneur, businessman, and reality television personality with interests in mobile phones, television, media, leisure, retail, and property.

Peter is perhaps most well known as one of the investors in BBC’s “Dragon’s Den“. With his vast experience and success, Peter shares his wisdom with the world in his book, “Tycoon“, and this is the book that budding entrepreneurs everywhere have been waiting for.

In Tycoon, Peter Jones will demonstrate how anyone can become successful – you just need guts, determination and ideas, and Peter offers his personal insight into the qualities and skills he believes every successful entrepreneur possesses. His Top Ten Golden Rules provide key building blocks for turning your ideas into successful businesses.

Peter shows how to road test your ideas, create momentum behind a project, inject investors with enthusiasm for your ideas, and how to have the courage to risk failing in order to see your vision become a money-spinning reality.

A hugely inspiring book – it’s the ultimate guide to thinking like a millionaire and becoming one.

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